Men's wedding suit

Men wedding suit

What to pay attention to

Although the subject of marriage does not seem to concern men, most men dream of the day they will get married, albeit secretly. On the wedding night, we imagine ourselves in perhaps the most elegant evening of our lives. Just as we were waiting for the best day of our life to wear it, it looks like it was waiting to be on us and identify with us. In this article, we talked about the costume, the costume of the groom, which a man wears at his most elegant moment. Let's look for answers to questions about how the groom should be, how to choose, how to choose the right groom.
Costume de mariage homme   

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How should bridal models be?
We have compiled different styles for you.

1- One costume stylish club man

The first thing that comes to mind when the club man is mentioned was the "black tie" dress code, i.e. a long jacket with or without a waistcoat, a ponytail shirt, the shirt of the groom in the shirt, dark-colored pants were compatible. Black and navy blue tones dominate. The jacket, made of burgundy and shiny fabrics, puts the groom in the foreground. Although many grooming brands have recently dressed the groom in a slim fit, you can go for regular fit long jackets depending on your body type.

2- City boy style

The costumes classic and fitted can be complemented with details such as black and gray tones, choices of jackets, bow ties, colorful ties, silk handkerchiefs. Personalized combinations or trouser-jacket will push you towards the office line. So, if possible, prefer shirts in lilac, pink, light blue tones rather than white shirts. Here, the line that will separate the costume of the groom is to use accessories suitable for the groom and to include colors such as gold and silver. The choice of tie is very important. Although skinny ties have become stylish choices in recent years, we recommend thick tie and handkerchief combinations more as they are close to the line of marriage elegant.

3- Country or Mediterranean breeze

Comfortable and elegant linen or canvas suits, comfortable cuts, single or double breasted jackets will be very successful choices for country weddings, weddings such as the sea, farm, seaside town. In particular, brown, light brown, camel tones, high soles with brown or khaki green shoes, where the country air is dominant, can be used in side weddings with blue lines, dark blue and shades close to the White. Do not miss the harmony of white and brown with reversed khaki and blue accessories. You can complete it with shawls, ties, fedora or panama hats, straw or leather bags. Combining velvet fabrics with a blazer can be considered for weddings that will take place in winter or in colder interiors.

4- Picture of married classic and formal

If you want your spouse's family elders and the whole environment to look beautiful at your wedding, you can do it in a short time by wearing a "good groom". You'll see a tuxedo or tuxedo jacket paired with gray slacks, a white or light-colored shirt, and a bright, light-colored waistcoat with intricate or plain designs in that classic penguin pattern you'll come across when it comes to grooming. , and an elegant dark coat with a tail on it. It can be combined with a handkerchief and a tie or bow tie in wild color combinations. You can easily achieve the classic groom style with your shiny loafers or black oxford-style shoes.

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