Italian Wedding Suit

Italian Wedding Suit

Italian cut suits have been preferred by many people in recent years. The main reason for this can be said that Italian cut suits have a parallel effect on the body. However, it is important in the areas where Italian cut teams will be used. The first thing to consider when choosing an Italian cut suit is the colors and patterns. For men in particular, Italian-cut suits are seen as the most important investment they will make in their wardrobe. It is necessary to pay attention to color and pattern compatibility when choosing Italian suits. Especially Italian-cut suits, consisting of dark blue, gray and black colors, take their place among the fixtures. Having paid attention to this harmony of colors and patterns in Italian suits, it can easily be used at business meetings, weddings and special invitations in terms of areas to use. When choosing dresses with Italian cut, it is very important that people choose a suit that is suitable for their body type. It is to make the Italian cut suit look attractive and to make the body parallel to each other with the slim fit suit.

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Arm length problem

When choosing slim fit suits, attention should be paid to the issue of arm length. Especially in recent years, there have been some disagreements about whether the sleeve of the shirt should be visible or not under the suit. In addition, people's own preferences come to the fore. However, the use of arm's length under the suit is attracting attention as one of the most common uses. However, people who want to make the arm length visible can also make the shirt arm length visible as 1 or 1.5 cm. The use of such slim-fit suits can be excellently used in special evenings and invitations.


Shoulder detail in slim fit suits

Shoulders are very important when using Italian suits. For this reason, when choosing an Italian-cut suit you should pay attention to the shoulder measurements and an Italian-cut or slim fit suit is preferable. Since the shoulders are broad and large, it should be noted that the shirts to be used should not be narrower than they are. After determining the body measurements, choosing a slim fit suit attracts attention as a more logical step.

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