Wedding Suit Tie

Wedding Suit Tie

9 tips for choosing the right tie

Clothing is not only an area of interest for women, but men also attach importance to their appearance and clothing style. Especially men with a professional life should pay more attention to their image in this sense.

No matter how good the outfit is, a poorly chosen tie can ruin the whole atmosphere of the outfit. The complement of suits is the tie, so choosing the right tie, one of the most used accessories, completes the elegance of the suit.



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There are many options for neckties in color, pattern and style. So, how do you choose a good tie?
Here are 9 tips that we think will be helpful in choosing the right tie for you.

1. The length of the chosen tie is very important, because if you buy a tie without paying attention to the length, you can get an unfashionable look if you wear it. Wearing ties that are too short or too long does not look good with an outfit. The length of the tie should be chosen long enough to cover the buckle of your belt. You can also make the length of the tie dependent on the length of your jacket.

2. If you want to choose a good tie, first make sure that it is a tie that does not crease easily and is easy to tie. The good quality of the tie lining makes it easier to tie the tie and reduces wrinkling, so if you want to choose a good lining, opt for linings that are made entirely of wool.


3. Choosing the right size tie is also very important, pay attention to the size of the tie that fits around your neck.

4. Determine whether the tie will wear the liner type according to the style of the outfit. For example, silk liners look more elegant in blazers and classic suits.

5. When choosing tie colors and patterns, consider the environments in which you will be wearing the tie. Choosing a tie that is darker than the color of the shirt gives a more serious look. When choosing a tie, you can opt for matte colors, because these colors suit every suit.

6. Each color may not suit everyone. If you choose a tie in shades that match your skin, hair and eye color, you can achieve a cooler and more stylish look by using ties that suit you better. If your skin tone is dark, stay away from dark ties. Dark colors look better on auburn and light-skinned men.

7. When choosing a tie pattern, pay attention to the picture that this pattern will give you. Avoid excessive animal print ties with logos, especially in professional life. The most preferred ties are the striped ones. If you like polka dot ties, try to choose small polka dot ties, because small polka dot ties give a more serious look.

8. It is important that the tie is chosen in harmony with the shirt worn. If you opt for striped shirts, make sure that the tie you will be wearing has the same measurements as the shirt. If your shirt is patterned, avoid a patterned tie. If you wear light shades and a plain shirt, you can use a patterned tie in shades that match the color tones of your shirt.

9. The color of the suit and the color and pattern of the chosen tie must match. Avoid using a tie with a color and pattern that dominate the suit. You can opt for a plain suit and a checkered or striped tie. If both the suit and shirt are striped, a plain tie makes for a nicer fit.

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