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How to Choose the Right Suit and How to Wear it?

you wear suit It can make you a vizier or a disgrace!

It is undeniable that a stylish suit has a separate charm. But even if you wear the most expensive suit in the world, if it doesn't fit you, you won't be able to create the effect you want. So how will you make the choice?

When Deciding the Shoulder and Skirt Length of the Jacket...


The trend of recent years is slim fit suits with narrow cuts. But this style does not suit every body type. For this reason, you must first make sure that the jacket fits you properly. However, a full fit does not mean narrow. It is very important that you move comfortably in the jacket. Shoulders should be neither too narrow nor too wide. In other words, it is enough to measure 1 centimeter wider than your normal shoulder width.

Now let's come to where the hem of the jacket should end. Remember, a jacket that is longer than the sleeve looks bad. If you are not wearing a frock coat. :)

The Issue of Suits and Endless Arms


“Should the sleeve of the shirt be visible from the sleeve of the suit or not?” The question is not exactly a consensus issue. But experts insist that the cuff of the shirt should be 1 centimeter longer than the sleeve of the jacket. In this case, the fact that it is necessary to use a stylish cufflink comes into play. Remember, cufflinks are the most important accessory of a suit. It doubles or even triples the elegance of your suit. Therefore, be careful to choose cufflinks that suit your style.

Pay Attention to the Sleeve Cut of the Jacket


The sleeve cut of the jacket is an indicator of how comfortable that jacket is. Before you buy the jacket, see how it looks on the hanger. If the arms are pointing slightly forward, it means you have a comfortable jacket in it.

One Button Turn Off


It is very important that the jacket does not contract when you close the button. By the way, remember that in a two-button jacket, the bottom button is not closed. Double-button jackets are more suitable for business meetings, while single-button jackets are more suitable for daily use. Do not forget to unbutton your jacket while sitting. On the other hand, potholes can cause the jacket to wrinkle.

The Shirt Should Be Compatible With The Suit



Most importantly, catches. That is, when viewed from the back, there should be a slight gap between the collar of the shirt and the collar of the jacket. The collar of the shirt should not get lost under the collar of the jacket.

if the suit If you are not going to use a tie, do not choose shirts with wide collars. If you choose small, narrow, hard-collared shirts, you will get a more tidy look.

Trouser Legs Do Not Extend To The Soles Of The Shoe


Body structure is also very important in the selection of trousers. Short men should stay away from low or high waisted pants. The cut of the trousers should be as straight as possible. Slightly tapered trousers make you look taller, but you have to be thin to wear these trousers.

Let's come to the most important issue, the length of the legs... The trend of recent times, suit leg lengths slightly shorter than normal. But if you say I can't deal with trends, the ideal size is the best. In other words, shorten your leg according to the second hole of the shoelace. Do not extend the leg length up to the sole of the shoe. By the way, your socks should never be seen while standing. Pay attention to the length of your socks while sitting; It doesn't look good if your socks fall off and your legs show.

Are you a vest lover?



sieve may also sound charismatic to you. You're right... But suit If you are choosing a vest to wear inside, you should choose a model that fits you well and is at your waist level in order not to look bulky. You can leave the bottom button of the vest open.

The Art of Wearing and Tieing a Necktie


The first rule of the tie: It should touch the belt, but never exceed it. Rule number two: The width of the tie should be the same as the width of the collar of the jacket. Third rule: The knot of the tie should not be more bulky than the collar of the shirt.

If you are using a handkerchief, the color or pattern of your handkerchief should not match your tie. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a tie and a handkerchief in the same color or pattern is not harmonious, but rather cringe.

Belt and Shoe Combination


Suit leather, leather sole and round nose models should not be surprised. As for the color issue, black shoes are almost any color. suit compatible with Black, gray, navy blue... But for brown suits, it is better to choose shoes in similar brown tones. Your belt should be the same color as your shoes and should be as thin as possible.

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