7 things men should keep in mind when wearing a wedding suit

7 things men should keep in mind when wearing wedding suits.

By wearing a suit, men can attract attention in any environment they enter, especially in the business world. It's kind of a status symbol.

Wearing a suit is also very important on the most important day of your life, as a wedding suit.

But it doesn't just end with wearing a suit, but also from shirt to tie is equally important.

You have to pay attention to many things, from the button of the jacket to the shoes you are wearing. Let's take a look at the things to consider when wearing a suit.


1. The fabric choice is very important

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Of course, your body size and skin tone will be effective in choosing the suit to wear. You also have to choose which fabric.

So the type of fabric you prefer is also important. Linen and cotton fabrics that you will wear in the summer and wool fabrics in the winter provide comfortable use.


2. Know what suits your body

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Whether it is a double or single button vest, a classic cut or a slim fit "slim fit", the most important thing to consider when buying a suit is to know which style suits you best. 

The older generation, especially those over 60, will look better with a classic cut.

The taller persons, especially above 1m90, will look better with a double button vest.

The shorter men will look better with a single button vest and "slim fit" design suits.

The men with wider shoulders, especially the bodybuilders, will find more comfort in classic cut suits.

We can add to these points for attention.

There are different models or customization for each type (see 3rd point).

You will receive this professional advice with style advice even more extensively at Papyon.


3. Interventions/retouches must be applied correctly (according to the latest trends)

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First of all, you need to make sure that the suit you choose is long enough to cover the hip area. No matter how athletic you are, when you wear a short cardigan, it is very difficult to achieve the desired elegance.
When adjusting the pants length, you should make sure that the pants are adjusted according to your shoe model and that they do not fall carelessly over the shoe.
In today's trend, the pants are more on the short and tight side.

4. Pay attention to the sleeve and sleeve of the shirt!

4. Let op de mouw en mouw van het shirt!
Another issue that is usually not considered very important is the shirt cuff protruding from the jacket.
If the cuff is low in the palm of your hand or above your elbow bone, it will cause a very bad appearance. It is enough to have a distance of about 1-2 centimeters between the sleeve of the shirt and the vest.

5. Shoe choice according to your suit

You should know that you should never wear boots under a suit. It is very important that the color of the shoes is just as important as the fit of your suit. Even though sneakers are worn under the suit these days, don't pick them up much. In general, it is more elegant to choose moccasins or classic shoes. 

6. Know your relationship well

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If you don't want your body proportion to deteriorate, choose the right suit.
It is usually recommended for smaller men not to opt for busy motifs and long cardigans. This also applies to men with wider thighs.
The opposite is recommended for taller men
If your shoulders are already quite broad, you can choose a vest with small support.
If your shoulders are too tight, size up.

7. The knot problem

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After choosing the most suitable suit for you, you need to know how to tie the knot for your situation. 
According to the latest costume trends, the suits are worn in 3-pieces.
So with a waistcoat. Then you no longer have to tie the knot as it used to be the case with classic models.
If you would nevertheless opt for a classic 2-piece suit, this is recommended standing up, but in the sitting position you have to open it.
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