Buy wedding suit according to seasons


How do you choose a wedding suit? 

One of the most important aspect of wedding suit buying is the season you get married.

In the winter months, people mainly opt for dark colors and thicker fabrics such as wool. The favorite colors are black and navy blue suit men.



You can combine a black suit with a black shirt for an ultra-modern look. White shirt is perfect for a navy blue suit. The color will then come out better. Then you choose a tie or a bow. 90% of grooms choose a bow as this is tradition with a wedding suit. But it would be best to take into account the neck length of the groom. A tie is recommended for short and wider necks. This one looks much nicer than a bow. Just as the bride takes his figure into account when choosing his wedding dress, so should the groom. And there are many more aspects to consider when choosing a suit according to your figure or your own style. We will explain these in another blog.


vintage or bohemian concept getting married

When getting married in a vintage or bohemian concept, people mainly opt for beige-brown colored suits and the latest trend pine tree green.


trouw pak

In the summer months people mainly opt for lighter colors and airy fabrics such as linen suits.

Nowadays, more and more three-piece suits are worn. The advantage of a three-piece suit is that without a vest you still look just as chic with the waistcoat. 

wedding season 2020-2021

These light colors are trendy in the 2020-2021 wedding season: many shades of green: olive green and mint green. And many shades of light blue: icy blue and sky blue.

heren pak

Some of the grooms then opt for a black tuxedo or tuxedo. These have become a fixture in wedding suits for those who want to look heavier regardless of the wedding season. Other tuxedo colors that are common are white, cream, burgundy and blue.

witte bruidegommenbruidegommenblauw bruidegommen

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