Golden tips when buying a suit for men


Need help buying a suit for men?

The best way to look chic with menswear is wearing a suit men. A number of important points must be taken into account here.

What should you pay attention to when buying suit men ? Here you will receive golden tips that can guide you well. Make the right choice with our professional knowledge.

There are various types of models suit suits. From this you should choose the best suitable suit. Important points to take into account are the body figure of the person, for which occasion the suit is used, what the suit is bought for, preference of color, ...

For what occasion do you buy the costume?

If you buy the suit for employment, you rather choose dark colors such as black, brown, gray and navi blue suits. Then people also opt for airy and comfortable fabrics that make moving more pleasant during long working days or important meetings. costume croise or Double Breasted Favorite suits are also mentioned here.

zwart kostuum heren

For gala evenings or receptions people mainly choose tuxedos and tuxedos.

blauw trouwkostuum

if wedding suit one mainly buys according to seasons (see other blog) and in accordance with the Wedding Dress (blog to follow).

Tailor-made suit men

If you don't have any new tailor-made suit your costume must be properly adjusted. This is very important for the appearance of your costume. This should sit well on the shoulders as the most important golden tip! Next would be the length of the sleeves to the wrists. There are still a few rules when making the right choice of suit men. More and more people don't leave a new costume anymore to customize due to the high cost price and long delivery times. You can also try on the desired model and color first to see which one looks better.

What kind of body figure do you have?

If you have uneven upper and lower bodies, you should count on a good tailor. With us you get a pass guarantee, which means that it will be adjusted again free of charge! Bee plus size suits one should not buy too tight. It is best to buy a size larger. When sitting, one should pay attention to the pants. Also pay attention to broad shoulders and buy 1 size larger. If you have a tummy, you should definitely buy a 3-piece so that it is camouflaged. 


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